• Camped overnight Friday at Lake Dunn



Day 10


Friday 19th August 2005

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Our stay at Lake Dunn was very peaceful. The only others there to share it with us were a German couple who visited us. They had setup camp as far to the east of the campsite as possible and were very much into bushwalking and being one with Nature. They were a very friendly couple without being overpowering.

I love the beauty of the colours created as the sun rises or sets and can never resist trying to capture the feeling of the moment.
So, below is the sun rising over the lake on our first morning. As can be seen, the air was calm and birds were starting to stir.
These sort of scenes are why I love to travel away from built up areas.  

Man has his very clever creations, but to me, nothing compares to what has been given to us by Nature, God, the Creator or whatever your belief is, to absorb via our senses.

Beautiful sunrise over the lake. Too colourful to pass up taking a shot. A lone bird flies over the calm water of Lake Dunn as the sun rises.
6.44am 6.44am
 Judy was really keen to be fishing and had a chance at Lake Dunn to try out the "Opera House Trap".

She had set the trap with some meat pieces the previous afternoon and after breakfast pulled it in. Not a lot was trapped. A few shrimps and what we as kids in Kingaroy knew as a "lobby" managed to trap themselves. Judy was happy with her catch. She froze them for future use as the wind had come up and it was obvious, without a boat, we were not going to catch anything at the lake.

Judy imagining how many fish she can catch with the bait she just caught in the Opera House Trap One of the shrimps trapped The one and only "lobby" she trapped.
9.56am 9.57am 10.01am
Instead of fishing, as the day was cool enough to walk without discomfort from heat, we decided to follow the edge of the lake for a distance.
All around were sights to take in. Birdlife floated up and down on the waves generated by the wind that had sprung up. Different tree species grew along the lake edge and the ground looked like a mauve carpet because of the tiny ground cover flowers - no bigger than around 6mm across.
The dogs too loved the freedom of roaming along the edge, occasionally paddling into the water for a drink. 
Tiny flowers growing like a mauve carpet.
10.40am 10.41am 10.43am
10.44am 10.45am 10.47am

The wind dropped off as we wandered aimlessly and we started to look for shade. Judy's knees started to bother her as well and needed somewhere to take the weight off them.
I really enjoy looking up into the foliage of healthy Australian native trees as can be seen below. I don't know why but it really appeals to my sense of what is beauty.
As I took shots around, the waterbirds took fright and skimmed along the surface, moving further out onto the lake.

10.52am 10.55am 11.01am
Moving back along the waterline brought us to our campsite.
The wind had increased in strength enough to simulate a beach with waves rolling in with the incoming tide.
11.11am   11.13am
By sundown the wind had dropped off again.
Judy and I wandered around the area taking in more wonderful sights, such as the moon rising over the trees in the east at the same time as the sun set to the west of our campsite, creating a brilliant orange glow, silhouetting the campsite windmill.
5.58pm 5.59pm 6.00pm
6.00pm   6.00pm
Late in the day two more couples arrived and setup their camp in between us and the German couple.
They were totally opposite in character to the German couple and studiously ignore everyone other than their group.



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