• Travelled to and from Lawn Hill National Park and Adel's Grove on Thursday

  • Camped overnight Thursday at Gregory River 



Day 16


Thursday 25th August 2005

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Mum decided she needed a rest from travelling, so stayed behind at the camp and relaxed.
Her staying behind also solved the problem of looking after the dogs.
The road to Adel's Grove was dry, dusty and in places really corrugated. There was no way I'd have taken the caravan along that section of road.
The facilities at Adel's Grove and the landscape surrounding were a welcome relief from the dust and heat.
The deck area of
Adel's Grove
Judy enjoyed a cold drink in the pleasant surroundings.
The camping facilities for hire.

11.48am 11.48am 11.49am
Looking back into
Adel's Grove
Section of the surrounding vegetation at Adel's Grove.
Section of the walk around
Adel's Grove
11.51am 11.52am 11.57pm
Adel's Grove landscaping.
12.01pm 12.04pm 12.04pm
After enjoying a refreshing cold drink on the deck at Adel's Grove we wandered around the surrounding area. It was lush and cool under the canopy.
The Bamboo clumps fascinated Judy. I asked the staff if she could take cuttings and they said to go for it, which she did. She wrapped them in wet newspaper and then put them into plastic bags for the rest of the trip but sadly they didn't survive the long drive.
As time was marching on we carried on into the Lawn Hill National Park.

The following pictures were taken as we walked along the path built alongside the Lawn Hill Gorge.

1.32pm 1.32pm 1.33pm
1.35pm 1.38pm 1.39pm
1.40pm 1.41pm 1.42pm
At the end of the walkway, a track takes you up the rocky surface to a lookout from which you can overlook the Lawn Hill Gorge.

The next pictures were taken as I dragged myself up the very steep incline. Judy decided against climbing as her knees wouldn't have been able to cope. Luckily my back allows me to walk upright, so I slowly worked my way up the path using the rocks and tree trunks as helpers.

It was well worth the climb but coming down was just as difficult, as I had to support myself with surrounding rocks etc to prevent slipping. The pictures don't really show how steep the climb was. 3D is needed to fully show the work needed climbing.

Where I am headed.

Judy leading the way out onto the flat area before the climb.
THAT is where I had to climb/walk/scramble.
1.43pm 1.45pm 1.48pm
The view from around half way to the top.

Looking back down from where I'd come, while being supported by a smooth Eucalypt trunk. At the top, looking back to where we'd walked.
1.52pm 1.52pm 1.55pm
If you look hard or click the photo to enlarge it, you'll see tourists in hired canoes, paddling along in the Gorge.
The Lawn Hill Gorge

View over a section of the
Lawn Hill National Park

1.55pm 1.56pm 1.56pm
Signage at the Top

The way back down.

Judy sitting in the shade of overhanging rocks, waiting for me to give up taking photos. While waiting she collected various seeds to try to grow at home.
1.56pm 1.58pm 2.01pm
The beauty of the surroundings.

A lonely Kapok flower at the bottom of the climb.
Info about the area.

2.03pm 2.07pm 2.18pm

After a really enjoyable day we trundled our way back in the dust to mum and the waiting dogs. We enjoyed the free showers near the pub as we washed off the accumulated dust and grime of the trip.

After another of Judy's great meals we settled in for a welcome sleep.




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