• Departed Georgetown Wednesday

  • Travelled through Mt Surprise, Mt Garnet and Innot Hot Springs to Archer Creek

  • Camped overnight Wednesday at Archer Creek



Day 22


Wednesday 31st August 2005

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We refuelled at the Ampol Service Station in Georgetown and headed out of town crossing the Etheridge River which is just on the edge of town.
After around 15 minutes driving we climbed over the Newcastle Range causing the poor old Daihatsu to groan a little. 
We crossed the Einasleigh River after another 20 minutes or so, on our way to our next stop for smoko at Mt Surprise below.
10.29am 10.30am 10.31am

As Judy had been keen to do some gem fossicking all the way from home, we asked at the cafe if it was at all possible. We were given the distinct impression that it wasn't possible with the setup we had. Of course Judy was very disappointed. We were pointed next door, where there was a free gem display. At least Judy saw some local gems and had a yarn about them.
10.33am 10.33am 10.34am

As I like both Railways and Australian Native Plants, I took the shots above and below in Mt Surprise.
10.35am   10.35am

We stopped for lunch in an area that looked like an old quarry. It was far enough off the road to allow the dogs to roam around.
We had turned off the Gulf Developmental Road and were then on the Kennedy Highway.
Our next stop was possibly Innot Hot Springs. If not, we were hoping to stay at Archer Creek just before Ravenshoe.

Judy and mum made what I regard as delicious sandwiches, tinned Corned Beef and Tomato on fresh white bread.
As you can see by the look on Judy's face, she doesn't share my ideas.   :)

I had been seeing Forty Mile Scrub on the map for a while and was thinking it would be a cool, tree lined road with deep, green, thick scrub. Our next highlight was to travel through it.
Was I deluded.
It turned out to be a narrow, rough edged road through a dry, dusty National Park.
No doubt it was declared a National Park for a reason but it certainly wasn't obvious travelling through it.
1.05pm   1.05pm

We ended up staying at Archer Creek.
We passed through Mt Garnet and pulled into Innot Hot Springs. The manager, owner?? didn't seem interested at all in promoting the place. We had picked up a plain folded brochure in Normanton and were interested in finding out what was special about the springs but he seemed more interested in putting us off. He told us the campsite was full and along with us, virtually ignored others waiting for similar information.
We gave up, looked across to a gully with people walking up with towels over their shoulders and assumed where they were, was "it".
As the time to camp was closing in, I got back in the Daihatsu and drove on to Archer Creek and we were pleased we did as it was very inviting.
Looking at Google Earth I found the area is called Millstream. The coordinates where we camped are  1738'47.52"S, 14520'47.40"E.
4.13pm 4.14pm 4.14pm

I found a spot in the shade away from the main camp area and we went through the usual, setting up for the night.
A bus drove in a while later and the owner setup. He put a satellite dish in front of the bus and ran a cable inside. My curiosity was aroused as it involved radio!!
I recognised the dish as similar to the Pay TV dish we had on the roof at mum's house. As he connected various pieces of equipment I walked over and introduced myself. He told me he was indeed setting up TV but not necessarily Pay TV, although receiving it was definitely possible with a decoder and subscription.
It turned out it was his way of selling the package while he travelled around. He had a mate who supplied them as necessary.
Even though I would have loved a package, I told him it was out of the question. He wasn't worried and decided to show us what was possible. The reception was brilliant.
After showing us, he left it connected and another couple wandered over and made some enquiries.
One day, one day, I hope to have a setup. Well, I can dream.   :)

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking in the wonderful, natural surroundings - tall Eucalypts and the sound of water running over rocks just behind us.
4.14pm   4.15pm



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