• Departed Kairi Friday

  • Travelled through Atherton, Mareeba, Mt Molloy, Rifle Creek, to Mt Carbine

  • Camped overnight Friday at Mt Carbine



Day 24


Friday 2nd September 2005

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The Lions Park in Kairi
Looking South West back towards Atherton
Looking South
8.24am 8.33am 8.33am

We awoke to a bright morning with windblown clouds and still cool.
Because we arrived late the previous day, I didn't have time to look around our campsite. Being such a crisp morning I decided to walk the dogs and have a look around.
Dogs being dogs, they sniffed long the fence line of adjacent properties. One particular property with the house and sheds situated on around 5 acres apparently had an owner who didn't like tourists.
As we walked along the footpath past his land I heard a torrent of abusive language. I wondered who it was being directed at. As I looked up I saw it was directed at me. He was standing around 150 metres away screaming abuse at me.
I took his "advice" and moved on with the dogs. Very "friendly" locals I thought.
When I arrived back in Kingaroy and found the Lions Park was no longer available for overnight stays, I put 2 and 2 together and figured he was probably a local Lions Club Member and was using his "friendly advice" to get me to move away.
Looking South East

  The Kairi Hotel across the street from the Kairi Lions Park
8.38am   8.44am

Our next overnight stop was to be at a caravan park in Mt Carbine recommended by a friend who was about 2 weeks ahead of us, on their trip. We could have taken a more direct route but I wanted to go through Atherton as it was a very familiar name from my schooldays when we learnt about the Atherton Tableland.

10.32am   10.33am

We passed through Atherton and refuelled at a service station on the northern side.

The next stop was to be Mareeba.
Marc, Judy's son had sent 2 new memory cards for our cameras to the Mareeba Post Office. As he had sent them when we were in Normanton, I was keeping my fingers crossed they'd be there.
We passed various tourist attractions on our way to Mareeba but as each would mean outlaying dollars in one way or another, we passed.

I noticed the Post Office as we drove through the town. The fun then was finding somewhere to park the van and caravan. I found a spot under a tree within a few hundred metres of it and walked back. Mum and Judy stayed to keep an eye on the dogs as it was a fairly hot day.
A gruff attendant told me nothing had arrived for me. I told him when it had been sent and asked how much longer it should take to arrive. Luckily another member of the staff overheard our conversation and reminded him of a parcel somewhere out the back. He ambled off and after a few minutes appeared with it. No apology, just a gruff "here it is!"
That plus the heat was enough for me to not bother looking around Mareeba.

1.18pm 1.19pm 1.20pm
We passed through Mt Molloy and pulled into a cool, shady rest area at Rifle Creek.

Rifle Creek is just before the turn to the coast which we would take a few days later.

Driving on we noticed what looked like a tower or lighthouse on top of a mountain to the left. I've found since that mountain is called Lighthouse Mountain.

Not long after, we arrived at the
Mt Carbine Caravan Park.

Robert Waterhouse
, who runs the park with his wife Jennifer, welcomed us at the office.
They seemed very friendly and Robert put us in a high spot which was close to the amenities and where we were in mobile phone range.
He told us about a walk he did most afternoons that we might enjoy and left us to enjoy our night.






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