• Camped overnight Saturday at Mt Carbine



Day 25


Saturday 3rd September 2005

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New morning, new view.
Below is the view from just over the rise in front of our campsite at
Mt Carbine Caravan Park

Mt Alto
The entrance to Mt Carbine
8.20am 8.21am

Around our campsite.

Judy enjoys cooking on a campfire, so sets about getting one going.
8.29am 8.31am 8.31am
8.32am 8.32am 8.33am

The dogs loved the site too.

Below is the business area of
Mt Carbine

We took a walk to see what was around the town.
  The Mt Carbine Hotel Motel with Mt Alto in the background
11.46am   11.46am
The Service Station outdoor eating area

Around sundown we drove to the Service Station and had a meal.
I took the pictures below, of the road leading through the town, looking towards the East.
5.30pm   5.30pm

Another days end as Goofy waits patiently for his human carers to feed him.
You can just about see him saying -

"You cruel bastards!...leaving my meal sit there while you watch TV...yeah, you're happy!'ve had YOUR meal"
8.10pm 8.11pm 8.25pm



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