• Camped overnight Monday at Mt Carbine



Day 27


Monday 5th September 2005

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Another fine, clear day.
I sorted out a couple of problems on the Park computer and was rewarded with a couple of days extra accommodation thanks to the owners.

On the way to the office I noticed this Bower Bird nest

4.14pm 4.15pm

After I finished tweaking the computer, I joined one of the owners, Rob Waterhouse, on the walk he conducts most afternoons.
The views were well worth the walk!

Below are views as you follow the track to a high point, then continue back down the other side to the Park.

Rob is on the right.
The couple also joined the walk.
5.40pm 5.44pm 5.48pm
5.49pm 5.50pm 5.50pm


Nearly at the top.

5.51pm 5.51pm 5.55pm


At the top.

5.57pm 6.00pm 6.03pm


Being timed to arrive at the top at sunset, you see spectacular views.
So, as you can see, I went crazy taking shots.

6.04pm 6.08pm 6.08pm
6.09pm 6.11pm 6.12pm
6.13pm   6.14pm
At the bottom, now in darkness, just before returning to the Park, discussing machinery used in the mining, in the past.
To finish the day and give Judy a break off cooking, we decided to have a Pub meal at the Mt Carbine Hotel Motel.
We were "entertained" by a Vietnam Veteran on his way North with a group.
The meal was very good.

We also met a member of a bridge building business who, after hearing we were heading to Cooktown the next morning, gave us the helpful advice that we'd have to leave early, as the road north was being closed to dismantle the bridge at 7.00am. That meant there were to be long delays while machinery removed large sections. Luckily it was due to be opened again late that afternoon.



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