• Departed Rolleston Saturday

  • Travelled to Springsure 

  • Stopped for food at Springsure

  • Stopped to look at Mt Zamia outside of Springsure

  • Turned into Fairbairn Dam / Lake Maraboon and had smoko

  • Camped overnight Saturday at Emerald 


Day 4


Saturday 13th August 2005

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The Rolleston morning air was still and when we finally ventured outside, we found frost was on the grass! The wind soon picked up and we had to pack up in a very strong southerly wind, so strong it threatened to snap the fold down awning off the mountings.


It was an uneventful drive towards Springsure until I pulled off the road on the way up a range to allow the dogs a break. While turning the caravan I caught the rear passenger side stabilizer in the dirt. It must have dug in because of the different ground levels. As I turned I heard a scraping noise and after checking found I now had a stabilizer leg that was bent at a right angle to where it should have been. Still perfectly in it’s retracted position. I looked at it but decided to cure it at a later date as it was made of very strong steel and needed “extra” attention that only a lump hammer could provide, which was too well packed away to get at right then.

Next stop was for bread and some bits and pieces in Springsure. I hadn’t realized until we arrived that it was Saturday and only a few shops were open. Still, for a small country town, I was amazed to see how many were still open, as it was after midday.

Leaving town we were now on the Gregory Highway.


The highlight of Springsure is the view on the outskirts of town of Mt Zamia, supposedly of Mary and child. My imagination doesn’t run to such things but I find it a very photographic natural occurrence and each time I travel past it I take more pictures.



We stopped just north of Springsure to take shots of Mt Zamia.

The flowers growing around the ground where I took the pictures are probably regarded as pests but looked very colourful in the sunlight.


Judy decided it was time I appeared in the pictures. 


Our next stop was the Fairbairn Dam or as they call it now Lake Maraboon.
I visited it in September 1973 when it was very new. Now it is a “resort” with a caravan park and lovely spacious treed surrounds. We had lunch there and took in the beautiful view across the dam.

1.45 - 3.00pm        

Beautiful views around Fairbairn Dam / Lake Maroon.                                    

The day was lovely and warm with a clear blue sky.

"Chips" enjoyed climbing around the dam wall following Judy.                                ►

We had decided to go on to Bogantungun Rest Area but after refueling on the outskirts of Emerald we noticed a sign pointing to a Rest Area next to the Emerald Botanical Gardens.
As it was already around 4pm we decided to stay in


The best I can say for the Rest Area is that it was a place to stay overnight. It was fairly creepy.

The Botanical Gardens had a “strange” male standing or sitting near the entrance on the way to the toilets. Also, camped in tents beside us were three males who were drunk, stoned or both.

During the night, morons driving over the bridge above us screamed obscenities or just screamed to create a nuisance.

We were really looking forward to moving in the morning!!


One positive, we had very bright orange tourist lights on the bridge above us which gave us a sense of security.



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