• Camped overnight Monday at Barcaldine Showgrounds


Day 6


Monday 15th August 2005

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(I have to say thank you to for the pictures of the Barcaldine businesses. )

Monday was a warm, bright day and after breakfast we made our way to the main street of Barcaldine.

I was looking through various leaflets in the Barcaldine News about places in the area to see and saw information about fishing.

I asked the young girl behind the counter if she knew much about the fishing and she said "a little" but advised us that we probably needed an "Opera House Trap" but she wasn't sure where to get one. She thought one was available at the local hardware shop.

We looked around the town some more and eventually ended up at a hardware shop, Smith Bros Mitre 10, where we enquired again about fishing in the area. The really friendly staff member and a local customer informed us of a spot called Lake Dunn which is east of Aramac.
We told them we had been recommended to get an "Opera House Trap" and they pointed to one. The staff member showed us how they worked and we decided to buy one in the hope of using it. I hadn't heard of the trap but since have found it's very common.

I needed to get the house key back to Judy's son in Kingaroy, to allow him entry into the house, to pick up the caravan keys. Then he could send them back to us somewhere we prearranged by phone, as we were unable to lock it without reaching through the side window.
After making enquiries at the Barcaldine Video Hire, I was directed to a lovely woman at a clothing shop,  A & T Casuals
Apparently the fastest way to get something out of town was via a courier that they were agents for. The parcels left via plane.
I found her another very friendly and helpful person. I just gave her the key and she organized everything.



After some lunch we made our way back to our campsite.

For the rest of the day Judy and mum decided to do some washing and drying at the laundry, while I washed the mud - picked up near Cracow - off the caravan.


With Judy and mum over at the laundry, I washed the caravan, while the dogs took it easy - such a hard life.





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