• Camped overnight Tuesday at Barcaldine Showgrounds


Day 7


Tuesday 16th August 2005

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After breakfast we drove into the main street to get money from the ATM. There was only one ATM and we found they were waiting for it to be filled.
To fill in time we checked out the various shops. The people in Barcaldine were really friendly. It felt like we had lived there for years. Another visit to the ATM about an hour later and it was still empty. The woman responsible for it's operation apologized but said it was beyond her control as they had to wait for the security firm to arrive with the cash.

After taking the shots of the Tree Of Knowledge, we found our way back to the ATM and this time it was operational.


The main street of Barcaldine including the Tree of Knowledge and the Railway Station.


After we had some lunch we visited the Australian Workers Heritage Centre as on our last trip through Barcaldine we had decided to give it a miss.
The rest of the afternoon was spent looking through the displays.


Visited the Australian Workers Heritage Centre.

We then returned to our camp and discussed our plans for the next day.


Judy prepares our night meal as the sun set across the Barcaldine Showgrounds oval and we discussed our plans for the next day.



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