• Camped overnight Wednesday at Barcaldine Showgrounds



Day 8


Wednesday 17th August 2005

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We were due to leave on this day but while mum was making her bed in the Daihatsu Van, she bent one of her fingers too far and something gave. It stayed in a bent position. Nothing she could do would make it straighten so around 9am I took her to the Barcaldine Hospital.
The staff were great but as no doctor was on the premises, mum had to wait until he was there and ready to see her. The sister told me she would ring when mum had been seen, so I returned to the camp.

Judy and I decided to look around town while we waited. 

Around midday we received a phone call from the hospital asking if we could take mum some food as there was none available to her at the hospital. We were hungry by then, so decided to have a meal at a cafe and order some for mum too and take it to her.
While this was in process we received another call to say she was ready to be picked up.
Hmmmm, someone got their wires crossed, so we went to the hospital and picked her up.

Mum told us that they did an X-Ray and then she waited for ages. Then they took her into another room and told her that the doctor had seen his quota of 6 patients for the day. They put her finger in a splint and told her to call back for the morning surgery. We made a formal appointment for her for the next morning and settled in for another night.


Judy showed me the range of canned food to choose from for the night's meal as she hadn't planned on staying in Barcaldine for the night. She isn't really keen on canned food but I love some of it, so I ribbed her about our luxury meal we were about to have.



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