• Departed Barcaldine Thursday

  • Travelled through Aramac to Lake Dunn

  • Camped overnight Thursday at Lake Dunn


Day 9


Thursday 18th August 2005

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Around 10.15am, we left Barcaldine. We were sad to leave because we enjoyed the time, the town and the people but we were looking forward to going on a route we hadn't been on before - out to Lake Dunn via Aramac and then back to Muttaburra.

Judy taking a break to talk to mum as the packing neared completion.

The drive north out of Barcaldine was fairly straight. For long stretches the horizon on both sides and ahead was as though the sea had receded and left weeds. Every now and then a windmill popped up in an otherwise very "same" scene. Still, this is how this part of the world is and we enjoyed it for what it was. The grasses and trees looked a cross between silvery grey and green as we travelled towards Aramac. Judy decided the dogs needed a walk in the open countryside so we pulled over and let them rip. While they sniffed and ran around, she looked around for plants to take shots of.
10.40am 10.41am 10.52am
Below are what she found. Not being a farmer, I have no clue what they are, probably weeds, but they look very colourful and to us are just another part of Nature for us to enjoy.
10.55am 10.57am 10.59am
Goofy, with Chips by his side, after their run, ready to jump back into his position - on the canvas cover over mum's bed.
Further along the scenery changed to a mass of yellow through green as the area showed signs of having had rain. As it looked like a "calendar picture" in my mind, I had to try to capture the view.
11.16am 11.16am
We passed through Aramac and turned north east and followed a very skinny road that passed through what to me, looked like barren country. Emus could be seen poking along picking at the ground in various spots. They were too flighty to get any shots of, so I gave up trying and continued on.
Out of nowhere the road changed to a "real" road. We were very surprised to see such a road so far away from any centre of business but found out later that some sort of deal had been worked out to provide good access to Lake Dunn. Apparently in the neighbouring town of Muttaburra, they weren't happy about the money being spent, according to local gossip.

We pulled over and had a look around at the different scenery not far from Lake Dunn.
The colour of the soil was very different - very orange - compared to closer to Aramac, as can be seen by the pictures below.

12.43pm 1.11pm
When we first arrived at Lake Dunn, we thought we were in the wrong place as there seemed too much in the way of buildings and facilities. I thought it might have been a Work Depot for the local council.
After walking around I realized it WAS the area we had been told about. There was only one other vehicle in sight and it was nestled in the trees some distance away.
With no one to tell us what not to do, we parked the vehicle and van under the trees close to the lake shore next to what had obviously been a campfire.
We thought it was idyllic. The lake was like coming onto an inland sea, complete with beach and boat ramp.
3.22pm 3.24pm 3.24pm
After doing the "usual" setting up around the campsite I wandered around and took shots of the surroundings. The facilities included a "payphone", cold showers - though at some stage they had been hot - clean toilets, a shelter shed and a tank with fresh water. I was told later that the "locals" use the site for their Fishing Club.
3.25pm 3.27pm 3.28pm
There is also a group of cabins by the lake.
3.29pm 3.29pm 3.32pm
As the sun began to set Judy took these shots around our camp site including the Pelican and the Galah Judy was given to "save", Racket. He was given that name because of the constant noise he made as a baby.
5.34pm   5.36pm  



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