• Stayed at my sister's at Denman on Friday

  • Travelled to Singleton with my sister

  • Camped overnight Friday at my sister's at Denman


Day 10


Friday 27th November 2009

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My sister, Karen, needed some things for home, so she drove to Singleton to try to get them.
As I had only ever passed through there, we went with her for the outing.

Below are a few shots from in her car, of the business area.

The two photos below, serve a special purpose for me.

I live in Kingaroy, Queensland, as anyone reading my information pages knows.
So, being in Singleton, New South Wales is extremely unlikely for me.
But so it was as we followed my sister from shop to shop. We ended up in a shopping centre where we had a bite to eat, then wandered through the aisles of Woolworths or Coles, one of those places anyway. I had no purpose, so I just meandered from aisle to aisle.

I looked at the person a few metres from me for no particular reason and thought to myself,

"Geez, he has a double in Kingaroy, but he isn't quite the same, as his beard is long and he looks too casual"

He hadn't seen me and I thought of telling him about him having a double, but thought he'd think I was weird, so I walked away.

As it turns out, he moved further down the aisle towards me, looking for something and I saw him again. The urge to tell him about him being a double became too great and I blurted out,
"You know, you have a double in Kingaroy in Queensland!"

As soon as he heard my voice, his head swung towards me and with great surprise on both our parts he said,

"What the bloody hell are you doing down here?!"

It wasn't a double!!!

It was in fact Peter Riches, my IT teacher at Kingaroy TAFE.

I had done a short course there around 2005 and met Peter.
I found him a great character with his handle bar moustache. Really great fun, happy, always on for a joke and generally a fantastic, genuine, helpful person.

I had seen Peter occasionally since in the shopping centre at Kingaroy but hadn't seen him recently.

After genuine amazement by both of us at the coincidence of us meeting, Peter told me why he was there.

It's so sad. He was there to be with his brother who was dying of cancer. But worse was, he told me he had cancer too.
Being his usual jokey self, he told me how he didn't know how his cancer was, as he didn't ask, and was living life as "normal".

I was shocked and saddened that he had fallen prey to bloody cancer.
We chatted on a little at the checkout, shook hands, and parted.
The photos below are the results of my attempt to get a picture of him as he passed us. He was unaware we were there.
I took them because they will remind me of maybe the last time I'll see him. I certainly hope not.
I hope he returns to Kingaroy and lives a long life.

If you are reading this Peter, best of wishes mate.
You're one of the good ones!

The shots below are of the scenery as we headed towards Denman.

The one on the left shows a coal operation.

The weather in Denman had turned hot and dusty, very similar to what we'd experienced in Kingaroy before we left.
We spent a lot of time inside in the air conditioning.




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