• Departed Denman on Monday

  • Travelled through Sandy Hollow and Merriwa

  • Travelled through Ulan, Gulgong, Goolma and Spicers Creek to Wellington

  • Travelled from Wellington to Lake Burrendong

  • Camped overnight Monday at Lake Burrendong near Wellington



Day 13


Monday 30th November 2009

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The morning was beautiful. The rain had cleared the sky of the depressing dust haze and left a crisp blue sky.

We refuelled in Denman and headed back through Sandy Hollow to Merriwa. We were heading for Lake Burrendong near Wellington.

It meant going over our tracks for a short time, which I try to avoid if possible as it becomes boring seeing the same scenery. Well, to me it does.

Judy needed to pee, so we pulled up in Sandy Hollow and I took the photo below. Karen visits there occasionally. The name always fascinated me. It's only a tiny settlement along the way.

Just past Cassilis Rest Area we turned south west and followed the road through very barren looking land to a mining village called Ulan.

Once past Ulan, the country became less barren. The next town was Gulgong. By the time we arrived there, the temperature had dropped off and clouds had started to build. Gulgong was a very "arty" town. Very neat.

We were keen to get to Lake Burrendong to see if it was worth staying there and time was getting short so we only stopped a short time to stretch our legs. The light was gloomy so I had no incentive to take pictures.
Nearing Wellington, sheep started appearing in the scenery like below.
Not too long after, the land started to become greener and more fertile.

The buildings with the sign - Wellington Correctional Centre - indicated we were approaching Wellington.

As we needed to restock our food, I looked around Wellington for a supermarket and a place to park.
I'd looked on Google Earth Street View at the main business area of Wellington, so had a pretty good idea where certain shops were.
I had the impression that Wellington was a small town but it certainly isn't. It was extremely busy when we arrived around 2pm. It was so busy I had a huge problem finding somewhere to park the caravan. I eventually decided to drop Judy off at the supermarket entrance and get more fuel while she shopped.
We arranged for her to wait near the entrance and I'd drive by to pick her up
At the service station, the helpful attendant told me of a special caravan parking area in the business area but he also told me that mostly people with cars used it!
He was correct. Nicely spaced so I couldn't park the van and caravan were cars, even though the signs specifically said the area was for long vehicles.

So, I drove around and around the town filling in time, looking for Judy, until I gave up and more by good luck than good management I came across a shady group of trees near the showground. After a suitable time I checked again for Judy.
Still no luck!!

One more drive around I thought. I turned up a street and saw the Wellington Railway Station which had a clear area to park.
Seeing it looked impressive, to my brain anyway, I took the picture below.
I wandered around, talked to the dogs, listened to the radio, then finally decided she MUST be ready now.
I was correct at last. The poor bugger struggled with the bags of groceries as I held up the traffic.
With annoyed motorists passing me, I drove off and headed for Lake Burrendong.

We weren't disappointed. After a reasonably easy drive we arrived at the gate and went in to book in.
The attendant was lovely and couldn't do enough for us, even making sure we only paid the "Seniors Card" price. Judy has one. I haven't applied for one yet.

The site was great. There was toilets, water, a great view and showers.
The showers needed coins which we didn't have but that didn't worry us as we had Solar Shower Bags.
Clouds gathered and we had a light sprinkle.
We liked the site so much, we decided to stay a couple of nights.

Below is a series of pictures I took as I was so impressed.













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