• Departed Lake Burrendong near Wellington on Wednesday

  • Travelled through Mumbil and Stuart Town to Orange

  • Travelled to Lucknow

  • Travelled to Spring Hill

  • Travelled to Millthorpe

  • Travelled to Blayney

  • Travelled to Carcoar Dam

  • Camped overnight Wednesday at Carcoar Dam



Day 15


Wednesday 2nd December 2009

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Instead of going back to Wellington - going over ground we'd already seen - and down the Mitchell Highway, I went towards Orange and passed through small settlements like Mumbil and Stuart Town.

Towing the caravan and not interested in driving in heavy traffic, which there was, we passed through Orange.

We pulled into a park at Lucknow to give the dogs a break. Lucknow was the first town with a sign advertising Cherries for sale.

The Tom Tom was set to the Lat and Long for Carcoar Dam and decided it was taking us through Bathurst.
It made no sense to me as I could see a shorter route to Blayney from Lucknow, so went against it's ideas and followed my path.
I was pleased that I did as it took us though some very pleasant countryside to a small village named Spring Hill.

It was 12.45pm and we were looking forward to food. Normally we'd stop and eat in the caravan but Spring Hill had a quaint "General Store" which reminded me of around the Kingaroy area.

We walked through the door to find a couple of young schoolgirls buying lunch. Older residents came in and chatted to the owner as we looked around. The feeling was very friendly. We ordered freshly sliced "ham on the bone", a loaf of beautifully fresh bread and some drinks. The owners were 2 young women. They told us they had only started operating the shop very recently. If they continue as they are now, they'll do very well as you feel like you are very welcome.


We went back to the vehicle and I took pics of the houses near the shop. The village looked like it was out of the past, yet modern. It looked like somewhere you could live if you wanted peace and quiet, with wonderful, friendly neighbours.
People seemed proud of their properties.

The feelings of the residents being proud of their area extended to our next stop, Millthorpe. We were looking for somewhere to make our sandwiches and found a quiet spot under large trees near the pub and railway station. I love railways, so I wandered up to the station to see if it was still operational. Apparently it is, but as usual morons have spoilt what others have spent weeks restoring. The doors had been knocked in and graffiti scribbled on walls.
I can't understand what these morons get out of defacing buildings. No doubt they "had troubled childhoods"!!
I did too but it didn't make me go around wrecking work others are proud of.

The pics above are of the streets around where we had our sandwiches.

As we drove off, one of the blokes at the pub took the piss out of us by singing " Ask the Leyland Brothers". We waved to him and gave him a smile as we passed.

We arrived at the Carcoar Dam after passing through Blayney.

The area continued the feeling of pride and tidyness we'd noticed since the Burrendong Dam. We decided to stay a while at the site because of the feeling.

After settling in, I drove back into Blayney to get fuel for the alternator as I'd forgotten we were so low and Judy needed the power for her Sleep Apnoea machine at night.
Judy stayed with the dogs and took in the surroundings below.



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