• Departed Carcoar Dam on Saturday

  • Travelled to Cowra

  • Travelled to Koorawatha

  • Travelled to Young

  • Travelled to Wallendbeen

  • Camped overnight Saturday at Wallendbeen




Day 18


Saturday 5th December 2009

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After leaving Carcoar Dam we decided to go through Tumut and the Snowy Mountains area to Cobargo.
After looking at the map we headed south west to Cowra, planning on seeing the country around Young, Cootamundra and Gundagai.
It was how we expected it to be, considering the shocking heat we had experienced continuously since we passed through Bell in Queensland.

One word, DROUGHT!

We knew the area was known for Cherries, so kept an eye out for roadside stalls.
The first was at a small community called Koorawatha.
We were hanging out for a cold drink and something to eat.
Koorawatha had a nursery and shop combined. Parked in the shade was a vehicle selling Cherries. The couple were fun. They were on their last box. We had to get cash from the shop but bought a kilo and they sold the rest at the local hotel while we picked up our money, food and drink at the shop.
They asked if we were going to the
Cherry Festival at Young. Because we hadn't heard of it, they told us about it and said if we hurried we might catch the parade.

Because it was so hot, we looked for a spot to pull up under a tree to eat our food. We found a spot a few kilometres out of Koorawatha.
While eating our food and a LOT of cherries, a car passed, continuously blowing the horn.

It was the very friendly Cherry sellers who recognized the vehicle.



On the road near between Koorawatha and Young.
We continued on towards Young. It was hot, very dry and so boring that Judy fell asleep.
When we arrived in Young, the streets were barricaded for the parade. People were running, so we assumed it was just about to start. There were no parking spots for cars let alone caravans, so we continued on through Young.
Passing through an area named Wombat, we saw Cherries for sale everywhere, but by then we were all Cherried out.
There were cars parked everywhere and campsites set up, obviously to be close to Young for the festival.
I was starting to get concerned our next campsite, Wallendbeen, would be full.

We arrived in Wallendbeen.
Happily, we found only a few campers and a shady spot under Poplars.

After setting up I wandered around taking shots of the area. I'd read about the site on the Net while researching places to stay.
One of the campers came over and introduced himself. He was from Mallacoota which was very handy as it was where we were heading for, hoping for a cool coastal spot after heat, heat and more heat!
He gave us maps and a lot of information which he hoped would help us find a spot to stay.



While I was engrossed in setting the alternator etc up, I looked up to see another of the campers in front of me.
He said "g'day" as though I should know him. He recognized I had no idea who he was and reminded me we had talked very briefly. I scratched my head and was embarrassed to say I had no idea who he was.
He then reminded me of our campsite outside of St George in Queensland, beside the river. He was looking for a spot too at the time and very briefly chatted.
At the time we were both near naked, trying to survive in the extreme heat. It was 43 degrees!
Judy dived into the caravan as we heard footsteps in the gravel and he poked his head around the caravan asking if it was OK to come round.
He was more worried about the dogs.
He told us he was from Dalby.

I had totally forgotten about him but he remembered the vehicle setup - the Daihatsu with the antennas. He said it had to be us because there wouldn't be more than one vehicle like that. He was on his way to Adelaide.

We were both amazed to be camping in the same spot, after travelling all the way from St George in Queensland !!

He chatted on and asked us over for a drink but as things turned out we didn't make it. We hoped we'd see him again on our trip.

He owned the bus in the left picture above.


Judy was pleased to be able to be sitting in the cool of the afternoon, after we drove for so long in the heat.





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