• Departed Glenmorgan on Thursday

  • Travelled to Myall Park Botanic Garden

  • Travelled to Surat 

  • Travelled to Beardmore Dam

  • Camped overnight Thursday at Beardmore Dam just north of St George




Day 2


Thursday 19th November 2009

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We woke to a better temperature, but it was way too hot for the time of day.

Because the showers were right beside us, I had a cold shower to start the day fresh and cool. For a while I felt refreshed.

We packed up as usual and drove over to the Glenmorgan Store and bought some ice, bottled water and Ice Creams.
While waiting, I asked the lady serving us if she was a long term local.
To my surprise she informed us she and her husband and another couple moved there from Hervey Bay!
We reminisced about the "Bay" and common acquaintances there before heading off to find some diesel.

The diesel supplier told us he used to live in Brisbane and visited for "pig shooting". He liked the area so much he set up his business there.




We stayed at the rear of the railway station building.
  Glenmorgan Store
I'd heard about the native plants at Myall Park Botanic Garden so we drove there.
The drought has taken a really bad toll on the plants. The tree on the left, an
Acacia I think, was the brightest specimen I saw.

On the way out of the property I took shots of what we hadn't seen a lot of for a long time, water and greenness!!
As we drove west the temperature kept rising, 41.6C in the Daihatsu cabin.
Up ahead I saw a creek and we decided to stop for a break.

Goofy took no convincing.
As soon as he saw the water he jumped in and swam around, relishing the cool water.

, only 1 year old, didn't understand what Goofy was doing and just stood and watched.

Next stop was Surat.
Above are buildings around Surat.

We passed through after grabbing MORE cold drinks!

Surat is a very tidy town.
The Condamine River runs alongside the town. I found the drive alongside the river very pleasant. It seemed really green.
The residents have done a really good job of landscaping the area.
After we cooled off in Surat, we headed for St George.

The Daihatsu engine temperature gauge kept rising along with the air temperature, now 44.8C in the cabin and 47.9C outside.
The sky was very hazy and the countryside dry as chips.
We turned into the Beardmore Dam road. I missed the campsite turn, so decided to drive on to see the dam wall.
Above are shots around the dam wall area. They don't show up the searing heat.

I climbed up the bank to get the middle shot. It was steep so I had to grab the surrounding rocks for support.
I burnt my hand on the rock!
I loved the campsite even though there was stifling heat.
Above are a few shots of the surroundings.

As nobody was around we were stripped bare but it was still a horrible heat.
The dogs fared no better.




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