• Departed Bemboka on Wednesday

  • Drove to Cobargo and refuelled

  • Travelled to friends at Yowrie

  • Travelled to Mystery Bay

  • Camped overnight Wednesday at Mystery Bay




Day 22


Wednesday 9th December 2009

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The morning was brilliant!
It rained most of the night, but by the time we woke, nearly all of the clouds were gone, leaving a beautiful blue sky.
Everything was fresh. The air was crisp and drops of rain hung from the leaves.
We had finally arrived in an area that wasn't stifling hot and droughty.

I keep saying it, but it's true, Judy cooked another fantastic breakfast, using the stainless steel barbecue plates.

7.46am 7.47am 7.50am
7.59am   8.02am
We had a visitor, a Cicada I assume, so I took a couple of shots of him/her.


The focus of our day was to visit Judy's friends at Yowrie, just to the west of Cobargo.
I was told their location was very hilly, so assumed we'd have to find somewhere to camp, leave the caravan there, then visit them.

With this in mind, we thought we might be able to stay at the showgrounds at Cobargo.
I had looked at Cobargo on Google Earth and could see they had a showgrounds. I also found the name of the road leading to it.
Using the TomTom Car Navigator, we could see our way there.

The drive to the Princes Highway was uneventful but very pretty.
As we turned north onto the Princes Highway, we could see our future path to the south, Bega.
I was looking forward to getting some Bega Cheese but that was to be a few days later.

The traffic going north wasn't impressed having to follow a caravan.
I wasn't impressed by being "pushed" constantly. I had become used to the quieter inland roads.
Eventually I decided I couldn't go any faster because the road was very winding and hilly and settled into driving as best I was able.


 I took the shot above of the old shop in front of me, while I was waiting for Judy.

I sat there thinking about the dreams that butcher must have had, years ago.

The drive north to Cobargo was lovely and green.

It wasn't very long before we drove into the town. I found the showground but was surprised when we drove in to find cows grazing.
There was some sort of "working bee" going on.
I parked the vehicle and approached one of the workmen.

After explaining about our thoughts of camping there, I received an adamant reply that they no longer allowed camping, because certain campers had abused the privilege.
I accepted the explanation but was wondering where we might be able to stay.
By then, a group of around 4 or 5 men had gathered. I asked the group if they had any ideas where we could park. They asked why we particularly wanted to stay in Cobargo.
I explained about Judy's friends at a place near there called Yowrie.

As soon as they heard their names a whole different attitude came over them. They knew them very well and went out of their way to suggest places we might camp.
In the end they were prepared to organize a spot there in the showgrounds. It was obvious they liked her friends a lot.
Because we had dogs and there were cattle roaming free, we thanked them very much but decided it would be best if we tried to find somewhere else.
We said goodbye and headed back into Cobargo town area.
Judy needed a toilet and stuff from the chemist so I parked near a kids playground and stayed with the dogs while poor Judy staggered up the hill to the shops.
She did the same for me as I was keen to have a pee by the time she returned.
I drove around a little and found a service station. We refuelled and chatted to the friendly attendant and then got out Camps Australia.

I knew Mystery Bay was not far north and was always intrigued by the name.
According to Camps Australia it was ok to camp there. Just in case, I rang the local Council and a friendly girl answered. She told us it was perfectly ok to stay there with our dogs.
She told me of of the "long drop" toilets and giggled. We were used to them from other trips, so that wasn't to be a problem. She told us that a ranger patrolled the sites and there was a small charge. We were going to visit there anyway, so we decided if all else failed we'd travel further north and camp there.

I decided we'd venture out towards Yowrie and if it began to become too difficult with the caravan, I'd turn around, ring Judy's friends, go north to Mystery Bay, camp overnight there, then the next day, leave the caravan on site and travel back for the day.

It turned out to be a very good sealed road to their place. The dogs needed a pit stop, so we pulled off the road well away from any houses or animals, and let them out.
We had some sandwiches, helped by the flies, while we let the dogs have a break.

We headed toward the hills. They certainly were a challenge and I spent a lot of time changing gears but we made it!

friends, Jack and Dawn were really pleased to see us.
had phoned them when we were in Kingaroy, to tell them we might call in on our trip south, but because we had no idea when we'd be there, we hadn't rung during the trip.
We just took pot luck they'd be there.

We spent the rest of the day chatting. Dawn was over the moon to see Judy and I found Jack great company.
We told them of our plans to stay at Mystery Bay.
They wanted to see more of us and Dawn wanted me to look at her computer, so we agreed to visit in a day or so.


4.49pm   4.49pm

When we arrived in Mystery Bay, the sky had turned grey and miserable and the breeze had turned fairly chilly.
The camping area was very large.
We drove through the trees looking for somewhere suitable to set up camp.
In the area away from the beach, we found what I term "ferals" camping, so we headed back to near the toilets, where there was a view over the beach.
Above is where we ended up and the pic to the left was the view from the annex.
5.02pm 5.02pm 5.02pm
5.03pm 5.04pm 5.05pm
Above is what I assumed to be a Sea Eagle.
It was huge.
5.16pm   5.16pm

We took the dogs for a run on the beach and explored the rocks.

Tigger, the young skinny dog, was not impressed by the waves. She'd never seen them before.
Goofy was a bit standoffish, because he hated getting his feet wet. :)

Other campers arrived and setup around us.
We investigated the "long drop" toilets. Judy wasn't really that impressed but they can't have been too bad, as millions of flies can't be wrong!

The night air was really cool, so we stayed inside the caravan.

10.50am 10.51am 10.51am

Morning brought a total change of weather conditions. It was warm, bright and colourful.
10.52am   10.53am
10.53am   10.55am
We spent the day just enjoying a break from travelling and taking in the surroundings.

Two old dogs and one young dog were had it by the end of the day.
It's tough work being on holidays.



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