• Stayed at Mystery Bay on Friday

  • Travelled to Bermagui

  • Travelled to Cobargo

  • Travelled to friends at Yowrie

  • Travelled back to Mystery Bay

  • Camped overnight Friday at Mystery Bay




Day 24


Friday 11th December 2009

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We had told Jack and Dawn in Yowrie, we'd visit them again.
I looked at the map and saw a town called Bermagui.
It was a very familiar name for some reason and I decided we should take a drive to see it.

Following the map, I found there was a sort of triangle.
South from Mystery Bay past a lake, Wallaga Lake, to Bermagui, west to Cobargo, then north back to Mystery Bay.

We decided to follow that path, see Bermagui, and then go on through Cobargo to Yowrie to see Jack and Dawn again.
Then back into Cobargo and north to our base at Mystery Bay.

 I was a little apprehensive about leaving the caravan, but had noticed another van unoccupied for all of the time we had been at Mystery Bay and nobody had worried it.
So, we set off after brekkie.

Below are shots I took around our campsite before we left for Bermagui.
It was near enough to a perfect day.

7.40am   7.40am
7.41am   7.45am
8.37am   8.37am
8.39am   8.40am


9.42am   9.42am

We crossed a bridge over
Wallaga Lake
on Bermagui Road and pulled into the observation area in the left picture.
I took the picture on the right, looking towards the outlet/entry/inlet to/from the sea.

9.58am   9.59am

We passed the right turn to Cobargo and enjoyed the drive towards Bermagui.

After crossing a bridge I turned right and pulled into a car park near a river to give the dogs a run.
I found it's called Bermagui  River Park.
It was a really beautiful spot.
The fishermen were having a good time in their boat in the centre of the river, while the Seagulls basked on the boat ramp in the sun.
10.07am 10.08am 10.08am

We packed the dogs back in and drove towards the main town area of Bermagui.
I loved it.
We passed a marina and could see Norfolk Island Pines on a hill near the sea. I gathered it was a lookout, so found my way to the top.
It was spectacular!

It was a really popular spot. People were taking pics or having cuppas under the trees.
Our cameras came out of course.
Just after I took the pic of Judy on the right, she started shaking her head around.
While she was taking a picture, an insect flew directly into one of her ears.
She was pretty distressed as we tried to help her. Two women near us noticed her plight and offered to help, telling her they were nurses.

Nothing could be done, so we started thinking about ways of removing it. Nobody knew about medical services in Bermagui because we all were visitors to the area.
Someone worried us by saying the nearest ambulance was at Bega!!
Bermagui looking to be a fairly populated town, made me think that couldn't be correct, but they insisted it WAS correct.

Everyone wished us well as I drove towards the main shopping area to ask a local about medical help.

With more good luck than good management, we saw a sign pointing up a hill, with "Ambulance" on it.
I followed it, hoping it wasn't an old sign. It was a fairly out of the way spot, but I found it.
It wasn't a large building like you'd expect, but we didn't care as long as someone was there.

Poor Judy was getting fairly anxious with the noise of the insect flapping in her ear and scratching around.

We opened the sliding door to the wonderful sight of someone in an Ambulance uniform, not just an administration type.
He was fantastic. He looked after Judy and removed the, by now, dead insect.

We were concerned about costs, as we didn't know how medical services worked in NSW.
He reassured us it was to be at no cost, and wished us an "enjoyable holiday".

We couldn't thank him enough. We were so relieved that it was out and that we didn't have to drive all the way to Bega!

10.08am 10.09am 10.09am
10.09am 10.09am 10.10am

Above are shots I took before Judy had her drama with the insect.
Such a beautiful spot.
10.43am 10.43am 10.43am

After we left the Ambulance Station we went looking for something to eat.
One of the tourists at the lookout had recommended the shop at the Marina.

When we arrived, there was a long queue. I looked at the prices and decided against it.
The food was probably brilliant but we couldn't afford the prices they were asking.

The marina itself was a picture. There's something about blue water, white boats and blue sky.

The birds above drew my attention, but being an Electrician, the light hanging by the cables also did.
11.21am   11.22am

Seeing the food at the Marina was off the menu, I drove into a shady parking area just down from the main street.
As we checked to see that the dogs were going to be OK, the couple next to our car started chatting. They were very friendly and told us a lot about the area.
We must have chatted for 20 minutes or more.

Eventually we made our way up to the IGA Supermarket. We picked up a few supplies and wandered down the street looking for food.
The bakery looked really good so we ventured in.
I ended up getting healthy food as usual, pies! 
But I loved them.
Judy had healthier food.
11.43am 11.44am 11.44am

Judy has big trouble walking, but we very slowly made our way over to the toilets and lookout overlooking what I know now as Horseshoe Bay.
The second Horseshoe Bay I've been to. The other is at Magnetic Island, off Townsville.

We sat and ate our food under the umbrella and took in the great view. .
11.45am 11.45am 11.45am
11.46am 11.47am 11.48am

Because Bermagui impressed me so much, one day I hope to return and stay a while.
The whole area is so picturesque.

Maybe it was just the day and the people, but it felt very welcoming.
Sadly, we had to leave and make our way to Cobargo and out to Yowrie.
The drive through the farm areas was really pleasant and very soon we ended up at Jack and Dawns' home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting and me fixing Dawn's computer.
We all had a really good time and between us decided that we'd stay overnight the following day on our way south.

Before it became too dark, we headed back to Mystery Bay to find the caravan still there.
There was only one problem and that was my fault. The wind had picked up off the sea and shaken the awning until it became loose and one side closed up slightly.
No harm done, so because the wind looked like it might blow all night, I rolled it up.
We were leaving next morning anyway.

People had come and gone over the time we spent at the site. We'd seen around 10 different vans or campers using the area at any one time.
Nobody came to collect any fees, so we assumed it wasn't correct that they charged.

We'd had our fill of the "long drop" toilets, so weren't sad to be leaving in the morning.
We had our own power and shower tent, so enjoyed the time there, but it was time to move on.




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