• Departed Mystery Bay on Saturday

  • Drove to Cobargo

  • Travelled to Yowrie and visited friends

  • Camped overnight Saturday with friends at Yowrie




Day 25


Saturday 12th December 2009

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The morning was warm and pleasant as we packed up our gear, hooked the caravan up to the Daihatsu and cleaned up around our site.
The Brits vans and campers had all left. We were the only ones left.

I sat down in the caravan to ease my aching back, when there was a knock on the van door.
I looked around to see a khaki clothed young bloke with a ticket book in his hand.

You can guess.
He was there to charge us for camping there.

I couldn't believe it. If we were like the others, we'd have been gone.
I told him we were Disability Pensioners and about how many others a lot better off than ourselves had stayed there, but had left.

He wasn't interested at all. He didn't agree with paying welfare and gave me a lecture about how it came out of his pay.

He also told us that he only collected fees on weekends. I wondered if he was legit, but he had the paperwork, so I had to believe him.

He was very cold and arrogant and queried us abut how long we'd been there. Being honest, I told him.

He added it up and gave us the bill and stood there waiting.

I paid him, but let him know how unfair I thought he was and that one day he might be our age and worn out after working and paying taxes continuously from age 15.

His attitude was "stiff!".

He collected the money and drove off, as there were no other campers there to collect from.

I wasn't impressed at all, even though I felt we should pay.
It was just his whole political attitude.

A big brickbat to the local council that manages Mystery Bay for employing such an arrogant arsehole and we would never go there again, even if we were able to.

We drove out with a very bad taste in our mouth.

The drive to Yowrie was uneventful.
Jack and Dawn welcomed us. Dawns face lit up when she saw Judy again.
She had made us a lovely lunch after which I continued fixing software on her computer.

Judy, Jack and Dawn reminisced.
I went for a walk late in the afternoon with the dogs.
After much chatting, we settled in for the night.

Next day was to be a visit to Bega.

Bega Cheese.





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