• Camped at Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park on Monday

  • Beautiful day

  • Drove around the Inlet and explored

  • Camped overnight Monday at Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park



Day 27


Monday 14th December 2009

Click on the pictures for larger versions


Below are various shots taken around the caravan park.

This group was taken from our campsite.


It was such a glorious day that I went for a wander with the camera. I came across the fisherman below.
He was cleaning out his boat after the morning fishing.

The Pelicans loved him.

Later in the day Judy, the dogs and myself explored a bit further and sat for a while on this wharf.
This couple were having fun feeding the Pelicans.

The Seagulls were trying to get a feed too but knew their place in the pecking order, Pelicans first!

We saw the Bakery below and had a cuppa while we watched the passing parade, not that there were many people.
It was beautiful and peaceful and lovely and cool!

The shots below are from our table near the Bakery, overlooking the caravan park.

We went for a drive to see what was around. The shots below are of the area north of the caravan park.
After seeing the area, Judy decided she'd go back another day to try to do some fishing.

The scenery below captured my interest.
The shots are looking across the water to our campsite in the caravan park.

These beautiful "calendar" type views appeared as we approached the caravan park from the north west.

We drove through the well set out, huge caravan park to a hill at the south end.
Below are shots looking north west back towards our campsite, which was around the bend at the top right of the picture on the left.

Below is looking east and south east.

The white sand strip below, separates the inlet from the ocean.
Apparently in rough times the sea breaks across but repairs itself again over time.

Judy took some shots around the hill after she saw the historical building and monument below.



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