• Departed Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park on Wednesday

  • Travelled to Cann River

  • Travelled to Marlo

  • Went for swim in the Snowy River

  • Judy fished - caught good sized Sea Mullet

  • Hot night

  • Camped overnight at Snowy River campsite 665 Marlo Rd - 7km South of Orbost on Wednesday




Day 29


Wednesday 16th December 2009

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Instead of cooking breakfast at our campsite, this time we decided to find somewhere along the road.

Below is the Caltex Service Station in Cann River.

They did a brilliant breakfast!

Rather than follow the white line, I turned towards the coast and ended up at a small town named Marlo.
I hadn't realized it, but I found Marlo is where the famous Snowy River enters Bass Strait.

Below are pics I took before realizing it actually was the Snowy River.
I thought it was just part of the beach but as we approached Marlo it became evident it was a river.

The flowers amazed me, because they were growing naturally in the bush.
I had tried many times to grow those same plants, but they only ever survived a short time.

The Snowy River where it enters Bass Strait.

The very peaceful scene at Marlo.
The Pelican below was very curious as to what I was doing.

We had ice creams in the town of Marlo and looked around the town with the idea of possibly staying there, but they only had caravan park sites.

We left town thinking we would maybe stay in the next town, Orbost,
but along the way we found the road mainly followed the river and was very popular with tourists, who were camping along the edge.
Luckily we found a vacant spot and set up camp as you can see below.


As we were setting up, a car pulled in.
We assumed they were going to stay there too but it turned out it they were locals and it was their favourite swimming spot.

We started chatting and Judy asked them if there was a chance of catching fish there.
The young fella clued her up on what he did and in fact gave her some bait he had left over.

After they finished swimming, they left, and Judy decided she would give fishing another go.

But first - a relaxing cuppa in wonderful surroundings.

AND a swim.
Even me!!!

And Goofy too, of course.

Goofy and I got sick of swimming and we headed back to the van.

I watched Judy up to her waist in the river and took a couple of shots.
After a while I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of nature's noises around me.

I woke to the distressed sounds of Judy.

"Gary! Gary!...what do I do?!!"

In my sleepy daze I assumed she was hurt.

But there she was, wrestling with her line!

She had a FISH on!

I thought she'd been standing there for ages, drowning worms.


I headed down to the water and helped her tire the fish out.

As you can see below, Judy was a very happy, proud chicky with her prize fish in her grip.

I was very impressed to say the least.
She had way more patience than me!


From listening to the radio and television, I knew the weather was changing.
The sunset sky below confirmed that.
Clouds were slowly moving towards us off Bass Strait.



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