• Camped at Snowy River campsite 679 Marlo Rd - 7km South of Orbost on Saturday

  • Cool, windy miserable day

  • Drove into Orbost to get water

  • Camped overnight at Snowy River campsite 679 Marlo Rd - 7km South of Orbost on Saturday




Day 32


Saturday 19th December 2009

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Another miserable day.
You can see by the pics below how strong the wind still was.

We decided to move on the following day. We needed to fill our water containers, so decided to go into Orbost again.
We had seen a Tourist Information Centre and assumed they'd be able to point us to where we could get water.

I found this info on this website.

The Orbost Visitor Information Centre is situated in Forest Park on Nicholson Street. The centre is housed in the historic Slab Hut. The hut was an original family dwelling built in 1872, on a site approximately three kilometres upstream from the junction of the Buchan and Snowy Rivers.

Come and browse through the large array of tourist information, maps, books on the area, local produce and trinkets, while you enjoy the open fire in winter and  the natural coolness in summer.

Be greeted by the resident geese as you stroll through the lovely cottage garden, where bellbirds are in abundance. Relax with a picnic or BBQ in Forest Park, while the children enjoy the playground. An added interest are the Tourist maps, mosaic path, walking tracks and flood marker, all are fine examples of the local talent.

The Visitor Information Centre is partly funded by the East Gippsland Shire and supports one part time Manager and a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers.


As the lady in charge was busy answering questions, we wandered through the area and I took the pics below.

The lady was very helpful and pointed us to where we could fill our water containers.
We chatted a while, then headed back to our campsite.
The sun had come out and the wind had dropped off.
Judy was reading a book and I was bored and decided to take a pic of the area seen through the van window.

As I was focussing, a police car with it's lights flashing came into the lens.
I snapped it, out of focus, and turned off the camera.

I assumed they stopped to talk to us, thinking they would tell us to move on.

I saw the officer step out of the car and disappear behind the trees. I expected him to turn up at the van door.
After no knock I looked out of the rear window and saw him writing out a ticket.

Apparently a young fella had been speeding and he stopped him just outside of our van.

I watched and saw a car drive off. The officer looked in our direction for a short time, then walked back to the car and drove off.

Phew!! We were OK after all.



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