• Departed Snowy River campsite 679 Marlo Rd - 7km South of Orbost on Sunday

  • Travelled to Orbost

  • Travelled to Lakes Entrance

  • Travelled to Bairnsdale

  • Daihatsu radiator temperature unusually high

  • Travelled to Sale

  • Wrote Web Page updates for trip

  • Camped overnight at Sale Showground on Sunday 




Day 33


Sunday 20th December 2009

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We packed up and headed towards Orbost and then out onto the the Princes Highway, next stop Lakes Entrance.

We arrived around 1pm and went looking for something to eat. We'd heard from a friend in Kingaroy that Lakes Entrance was where she wanted to retire to,
so we were primed for a really pretty place.
It certainly is pretty but even though it was 20th December it was uncomfortably cold. So, we weren't very inclined to venture away from the vehicle.
We decided to take a walk over to some shops to get something to eat. Along the way I took the pics below.

We found a Fish and Chips shop and had a chat with the girl who served us.
Because it was so windy and cool, we headed back to the vehicle for warmth and sat eating our food while taking in the scenery.

As we had booked ahead by phone, to stay at the Sale showgrounds, we had to keep moving. I would have liked to look around more but as there was no
cheap accommodation in the area, we had to give that idea a miss.
The drive out was very pleasant. The road climbed and wound until we came to a lookout.
It was called Jemmies Point.

The view was fantastic. I had to pull up and take photos. It was very popular and towing a caravan, I had fun negotiating around the cars parked there.
Below are the pics.

Lakes Entrance
really is a beautiful spot!!

Around 20 minutes later we were driving through Bairnsdale, like a lot of places on our trip, just seeing a glimpse as we drove through.
I was concerned as the temperature gauge was running on high again.
I was hoping Sale had some sort of radiator business, so I could allay my fears of actual overheating .
We arrived in Sale and easily found the showgrounds.
We were greeted by a very jolly and friendly woman and her husband who ran the place.
They were so helpful. After staying at other showgrounds where you really only saw the manager to pay up, the welcome we got was very warm.
They couldn't do enough to help us settle in.
The setting was great, with huge shady Oak trees to park under.
We picked a spot and setup camp, before heading to the shops for some supplies.

That night I did more on the trip record before falling asleep in front of the computer.



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