• Camped at Sale on Wednesday

  • Had radiator checked

  • Did washing at Laundromat

  • Shopped

  • Camped overnight Wednesday at Sale




Day 36


Wednesday 23rd December 2009

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While driving around Sale the day before, we noticed a Laundromat and a Radiator and Exhaust Centre.
I wanted to get the radiator checked as the temperature gauge was still showing what I thought was an incorrect reading.
As the two businesses were reasonably close to each other, I left Judy, the Daihatsu and the dogs at the Laundromat
and walked to the Radiator and Exhaust Centre to see if they had time to look at the radiator.

As it turned out, they said to bring it up, so I walked back, told Judy and drove it back.
The business owner was very concerned, so he spent a lot of time checking hoses, temperatures and wiring.
He found nothing, so we assumed the temperature sender or gauge was reading incorrectly.

Based on that, we drove everywhere with the gauge showing high.
After the clothes were sorted, we went to see the shopping centre.
Because we had decided before we left Kingaroy that we would have our Christmas meal at a small pub or similar, we looked around for businesses offering a Christmas meal.
The only one we found was at the local RSL.
We booked and continued looking around at the shops.



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