• Camped at Creswick Regional Park on Thursday - New Years Eve

  • Hot day - Stormy night

  • Camped overnight at Creswick Regional Park on Thursday - New Years Eve



Day 44


Thursday 31st December 2009

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We awoke to pegs being hammered in. I thought I'd better check to see if we were in the way. We weren't.
The sound was of a new group of campers with tents, who had just arrived.
They were setting up lower down.
In the daylight I could see we weren't able to go into the camping area, as there were low posts preventing vehicles from entering, so I decided we'd shift closer to the posts to allow other vehicles to turn in front of the toilets and, unless we were told otherwise, we would stay put.
It was really handy to the toilets anyway.

The heat hadn't eased off, in fact the humidity had increased.
I did some washing and decided to take a wander around to see what was of such great interest to the locals. To us, it was just a free camping spot on our travels.
I had read that it was an area where gold was found.
From the diggings I saw and the type of rock, I could see where they had been, although much had retuned to forest floor.
Below are pics I took to show what was around.
The trees were similar to the trees at Cape Otway Lightstation area, so I assumed Koalas could be in the trees, although I didn't see any on my walk.
2.31pm   2.32pm
Creswick Regional Park   Creswick Regional Park
2.36pm   2.36pm
Creswick Regional Park   Creswick Regional Park
2.41pm   2.42pm
Creswick Regional Park   Creswick Regional Park
2.47pm   2.47pm
Creswick Regional Park   Creswick Regional Park
  Creswick Regional Park  
Jude and Goofy weren't impressed with the heat!
2.53pm   2.53pm
Judy Daft at Creswick Regional Park   Judy Daft at Creswick Regional Park

It was New Years Eve, not that we took much notice, and the new campers came over and introduced themselves. They asked if we were celebrating in any way. We told them "not really" and they extended an invitation to us to join them if we wanted to. They were visiting from New Zealand. A very friendly lot.

I had Internet signal, so I looked at the weather site. It showed a really vigorous storm front heading our way. Finally some relief from the heat.
I was slightly concerned about trees falling on the van etc, so kept a good eye on the radar.
Around dark I asked the campers if they knew storms were on their way. They didn't know and didn't seem overly concerned. By then they were well into celebrating.
The storms arrived around 8pm and were similar to the storms we have in Kingaroy. We sheltered in the van, looking out regularly to see if all was ok.
The campers had a kitchen tent erected. It felt the full fury of the wind and rain. They were all huddled in it, like drowned rats.
The wind in the tree tops roared as the front passed through. Lightning crackled around us but luckily there was no damage.
The camper's celebrations were called off for a while as they cleaned up.

Around 11pm as we were thinking of going to bed there was a knock on the caravan door.
One of the campers was again inviting us over but we declined politely.

Goodbye 2009.
3.50pm   3.53pm
Creswick Regional Park   Creswick Regional Park



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