• Departed Mendooran on Wednesday

  • Travelled through Dunedoo to Merriwa

  • Travelled through Sandy Hollow to Denman

  • Camped overnight Wednesday at my sister's at Denman



Day 8


Wednesday 25th November 2009

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We travelled on the Castlereagh Highway until we reached Dunedoo where we joined the Golden Highway.

We passed through Dunedoo as we had only started travelling and didn't feel like exploring the town, though it seemed a busy little spot.

As we climbed the hill out of town I noticed one of those things that happen on long trips. One of the caravan windows had been left slightly open and the curtain had escaped and was flapping in the breeze.
I pulled over and fought 8 million and one flies, as I climbed into the caravan and sorted things out.

The flies!!!!....Geeeez!

At the Cassilis Rest Area, at the top of a very steep downhill run, we pulled in for a pee.

We later found this to be a notorious hill as it is a long slog coming up.

As we approached the Merriwa area, the farmland started to become green but as we looked closer we noticed it WAS green but was very burnt off.

On the edge of Merriwa is a picnic type area with tables, toilets and a tap. It's a lovely spot, with Poplars and Weeping Willows. A path winds through the area. As it was getting fairly hot we stopped there and gave the dogs a walk and a drink. It was nice to stretch my legs while looking at the creek and the green shady trees.


I drove on into Merriwa and decided to get something to eat. The town was fairly quiet and the people seemed friendly.

We noticed a neat little place advertising hamburgers so Judy quickly jumped out and I double parked with the motor running as there was no place to park caravans and the streets were on slopes.
20 minutes later she emerged with the food. $10 EACH!!!!! and they were small chicken schnitzel burgers covered in some sort of yuppy flavouring.

 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... next time we'll look for a "normal" cafe.
Oh well, you get that sometimes, whereas other places they taste fantastic and you can't jump over them. The luck of the draw.

We drove out of town eating the burgers as I changed down gears trying to get up some speed. The area was really hilly and from Merriwa to Sandy Hollow was tough driving.
 Once past Sandy Hollow the terrain changed and either side were what I assume they call "escarpments".
Before long we reached the outskirts of Denman. We had rung ahead to tell my sister we were arriving.
We were pleased to be at Karen and Neil's home as they had air conditioning and the usual human comforts like showers and toilets.
We set up the caravan on their footpath and went inside to chat.



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