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Marriage Notes: The birth of Mary Pierce is recorded in the Blean District Registry G.R.O. copy certificate
BCA176113 and confirms her parents as Stephen Fuller and Charlotte(nee) Iggulden.
Their marriage is recorded in the Kensington(London)District register G.R.O. copy certificate no. MB327136 Ceremony performed by J.A.J. Nickolsin. Witnesses Stephen Fuller and Frances Fuller
Afer the wedding the couple lived at 3 Portsdown Mews Kilburn
Fourteen years after their marriage James and Mary decided to emigrate to Australia with their six children. They sailed from London on the "Gauntlet" on the 18th September 1875 and arrived in Brisbane, Queensland on the 7th.February 1876. They had the sad misfortune of losing their infant daughterSophia during the horrendous voyage of almost five months.
The family settled in the South Brisbane area where James, A carpenter, built many houses, but when the building boom burst, with the depression that struck around 1890, James and his son-in-law Will Jarrett were encouraged to move to the mid-western township of Wallumbilla, 300 miles west-north-west of Brisbane.They travelled by horse and dray over the old Cobb & Co. road which, at that time, was little more than a rough dirt track. James then turned to farming, but Will continued with his trade.
Unfortunately, nature dealt a cruel blow to the hopeful new settlers in the form of a prolonged drought; and as the drought persisted and the crops failed,James and Mary decided to abandon their selection and return to Brisbane.
However the Jarrett family remained in Wallumbilla until shortly after the1914-1918 war when they returned to BrisbaneJames death is recorded in the Brisbane(Australia)Register original certificate no.A47558 and Mary's death is in the same register No. A47559