Selected Families and Individuals


Friederick Rudolf RUTHENBERG

Friedrich Rudolf, the sixth child of Wilhelm Ruthenberg and Maria Schumann was born at Fairney View on the 21st May, 1897. He attended the Tarampa State School and was married to Gladys May Goos on the 25th August, 1920 at the residence of her father at Rifle Range Road, Lowood.
Sometime prior to his marriage, he purchased a farm at Mt Walker, where they both now settled. While they lived at Mt Walker, their three eldest children were born:
Evan Roy, Hazel Doris and Dulcie Iris.
Eventually they sold this farm and bought another one at "The Seven Mile" between Rosewood and Ipswich.
After about 5 miles they sold this property and bought another farm at Milora. Their fourth child was born while they lived here: Roy Ivor.
In 1937, they moved to a farm at Esk. After about 7 years on the farm at Esk, Evan married and shortly after, took over the running of the farm. It was then that Friedrich did quite a lot of carpentry work, sometimes working with his brother-in-law, Bill Schiefelbein on the larger jobs. Eventually he moved into the township of Esk. He then took on a school bus run when a couple of the small schools in the district closed down. Evan eventually took over the school run an although it is not the same one, a Ruthenberg has had a run to the Esk school for over 40 years. During the time he had the school run, Friedrich still did carpentry work between the morning and evening runs.
After giving up the bus run, he continued to do many small jobs, and even up to the time of his death was still doing things like sharpening hand saws, etc. for other people.
In the very early hours of Tuesday morning 23rd June, 1970, he suffered a heart attack and died on Thursday afternoon 25th June, 1970, in the Esk hospital. He knew that his death was near, but was ready to meet his maker and had even chosen hymns for his funeral.
He had always been involved with the Lutheran Church and was a regular worshipper. He was a Foundation member of the Esk Congretation and in the 30 odd years that he lived at Esk, would have attended practically every Service that was ever held in the Esk Church, up to the time of his death.
He was buried in the Esk Cemetery on Saturday, 27th June, 1970.

Jacob GOOS

Jacob Goos born 1873 at Walloon, County of Churchill Qld. the fifth child of Elizabeth Raabe and the third child and second son of Michael Goos. Jacob was on the 1st pupils No. 83 of the Haigslea School in Dec 1876 and in 1880 was on Tallegalla School Roll.

On the 22nd February, 1899 Jacob a 26 year old bachelor, farmer of Lowood married Minnie Feldhahn a 19 year old spinister of Lowood. The service took place at Michael Feldhahn and his wife Louise Wilhelmine Brege residence parents of Minnie who was born on 2 December 1879 at Fernvale. The officiating minister was Reverend H. H. Stoker of the Methodist Church and the bridesmaid was Minnie's sister Emilie and the bestman Minnie and Emilie's brother Herman.

The parents had migrated from Germany on the 22nd October, 1864 to Brisbane on the 7th February, 1865 on the boat "Beausite".

Jacob and Minnie had a family of 9 before Minnie died on the 4th April, 1919 giving birth to twins, and the twins died along with her. Minnie is buried in the Clarendon Cemetery.