Selected Families and Individuals


Mary Louise FELDHAHN

Mary Lousie Feldhahn was born on the 16th May, 1868 Boggo, East Moreton, Queensland. She also attended Harrisborough Primary School, like her brother Wilhelm.

On the 15th April, 1891 at Ipswich, Stanley, Queensland, Mary married Michael Goos who was born 1st July, 1871, and the son of Michael Goos Senior and Elizabeth Raabe Schmidt.

Michael was educated at Haigslea and Tallegalla Schools. In 1901 he was engaged in a road making team at Tallegalla.

They had five children, the fourth being their second son Herman born 1895, died 14 months on the 8th October, 1896, buried Tallegalla Cemetery.

After Mary going through labor for the fifth time and with her last child which they named after her, she died 14 days after delivering young Mary, on the 28th May, 1898 from a haemorrhage from adherent placenta exhaustion, aged 30 years 12 days at Tallegalla, Rosewood. She was buried on the 30th May, 1898 Tallegalla Cemetery.

On the 16th August, 1899 at Tallegalla, Michael remarried Louisa Schulz, she was born on the 19th June, 1876 Rosewood Scrub, Walloon, Queensland. She was the daughter of John Schulz and Caroline Burlet. Michael and Louisa went on to have 8 children of their own, including one set of twin girls.

Louisa died on the 23rd July, 1947 at Tallegalla, and Michael lived on till of age of 86 years and died on the 27th June, 1957 at Tallegalla and was buried in the Tallegalla Cemetery.


Amelia Feldhahn fifth child of Michael and Lousie Wilhelmine (known as "Minna") was born on the 6th August 1874 at Vernor, Queensland.

She married, Johan "John" Augustus Wilhelm Heers the son of Frederich Carl A. Heers and Emma Michel Heers, on the 29th December, 1906 at Brisbane, Qld. John was born on the 22nd February, 1876.

They had 10 children, 6 boys and 4 girls including one set of twin girls, Myrtle and Laura.

John died on the 6th October, 1947 aged 71 years, and Amelia died on the 21st March, 1959 at Comminya, Qld. and are both buried in the Lowood General Cemetery.