Selected Families and Individuals


Francis BARKLE

Came in the emigrant ship "Parsee" in 1853. Has had disease of the ear for many years - with crusted discharge and occasionally considerable pain.

He is a small man, debilitated, weakened in intellect as well as body.

He now complains considerable pain in the occipital region. There is little or no increased heat of skin, pulse irregular, variable in frequency and force, about 90 - tongue furred - bowels confined.

10th March - Bowels have been freely opened - ...................lumpy accumulations.

12th  March -  Bowels still  require evacuating - motions dark and foetid

14th March - Is somewhat improved  - but still complains of pain in the occipital region

19th March - Motions very dark - complains of thirst

24th March - bowels not open ...............from days?

26th March - Does not on the whole mend - pain in the head has somewhat abated - does not rally - no inclination to move - no appetite - is allowed any fruits he desires.

28th March - Not improving - is very debilitated

30th March - Is no better

April 1 - Weak

April 2 - Somewhat comatose, pulse irregular, weak, 90 - does not complain of pain

April 3 - Is sinking

Died 4 April 1854